About Us



We're a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and supply chain specialists dedicated to helping you grow your business.  

COWA Science Corp (COWA) is a full-service supply chain management company based in Denver, CO. We offer an extensive range of products for your business, competitive prices, and unparalleled customer service. Our catalog features all of the supplies you need to operate, and our supply chain professionals are always there to go the extra mile. Contact Us today to learn more about our enterprise solutions programs.

Why We Exist

Cannabis businesses have complex supply chains typically featuring a multitude of specialty products from dozens of vendors. This creates a host of logistical and financial issues that most operators don’t have time to properly address. We solve these issues by providing a wide range of products through a single vendor and utilizing volume purchasing to generate savings for all our customers. Our supply chain services generate increased transparency, additional efficiencies, and lower costs for your business. That's why we exist.

What We Do

COWA sells a wide range of products that business operators require to run their businesses. These products fall into ten main categories:

  • Cleaning Supplies,
  • Cultivation Equipment & Supplies,
  • Food Service,
  • Hardware,
  • Lab Equipment & Supplies,
  • Office Supplies,
  • Packaging,
  • Personal Protective Equipment,
  • Office Supplies, and
  • Retail and Dispensary Products.

We also provide supply chain management, product development, and a host of other value-added services to generate efficiencies and cost savings in your business’ operations. Contact Us today to learn more about our suite of business development and management services.



Our History

COWA has been operating in the Colorado cannabis industry since 2016 and currently serves customers across the US. We've been evolving with the industry since we started and are constantly on the cutting edge of industry development. With employees in Los Angeles and Denver, we're growing and evolving alongside the national cannabis industry. 

Contact Us

Please Contact Us for information on how to sign up and become one of our valued customers at info@cowa.io and one of our helpful Account Managers will be in touch! We're headquartered in Denver but have customers over the US. We'd be more than happy to swing by your place of business and give you a demo on how we can help improve your bottom line through our supply chain management, product development, or financing capabilities.


Call or email today to learn more about our services.


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